Education & Management of Learning


Want to be an Educator, Facilitator / Trainer / Assessor or to upgrade your current Trainer skills?

GEM College is currently registered to deliver the following qualifications

Diploma of Training Design and Development aims to further develop and extend an individual’s skill set in training and assessment in regards to design and development of training programs.l

We can hep - If you wish to train Vocational Skills in a workplace, then the Certificate IV is usually the minimum entry level qualification required by your employer.

Training & Assessment courses are loosely categorized in 2 categories:

Initial skilling of new trainers or those people seeking to become a qualified trainer
Upgrading skills of current trainers

Our qualifications are designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to work effectively as trainers and assessors.
No pre-requisite qualifications or experience is necessary for the Certificate IV standard course.
However, a prior working knowledge of microsoft programs such as Powerpoint and Word is highly regarded.

Three (3) qualifications are available:

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - is pitched at the entry level for those who wish to be qualified to design and deliver training and conduct assessments within the Vocational Education and Training sector in Australia. 

         Notes: 1. We also offer a 5 day classroom Accelerated course for people with prior Training experience. This course has pre-requisites and 1 additional day for Assessments!

                    2. an upgrade course is available from old TAA qualifications to the current standard

Diploma of Vocational Education & Training provides a professional development framework to build and extend the skills and knowledge of those with experience in training and assessment

Note: The Diploma has a pre-requisite, which is the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and current experience as a Trainer.

In addition, we offer a 1 day Address Adult Language, Literacy & Numeracy Skills course for Trainers requiring this unit.
This course will introduce you to core issues faced in tailoring courses to students with varying language, literacy and numeracy abilities.