Leadership & Management Qualifications


Managing and Leading others in the workplace effectively, requires great skill and knowledge!

Entering the world of management can be daunting for many people, even those with many years of work experience.

Gaining workplace management skills to assist you is a great move and will assist you in a current or future management role. This may include managing, leading or supervising small or large groups.

The Certificate IV in Leadership & Management is aimed at those who fill roles in the frontline of management, often as a Supervisor or Manager in the workplace and whom are a seeking a nationally recognised qualification.

This is ideally suited to people new to a management role (but possibly with years of vocational experience) or those who are aiming to be a supervisor manager in the future. The Course addresses a range of skills in Leadership and Management that are relevant to Supervisors or Managers in all industries.

Partial skillsets of the Certificate IV and Diploma are also available. This can be achieved by selecting specific units to gain knowledge for specific purposes in your workplace. 

Diploma of Leadership & Management is designed to recognise or further develop skills of those who have completed their Certificate IV in Leadership & Management to a higher level. At this level of qualification you will be or be aiming for a role as a Manager overseeing a department, or a number of work teams, in conjunction with a Senior Management Team.

Notes: Please refer to our Business courses too - there are numerous useful skills to be gained here as well

Specialist Management Training

Other Training is also available, such as our Leadership for Supervisors & Managers course. This is ideal introductory level training for new supervisors/managers, whom require skills to develop and manage their teams.

This course can be 1, 2, 3 or 4 days. Click on the Specialist Management heading to link to the information page.