TAE40110 Cert IV Training Accelerated

Qualification:               Certificate IV Nationally Recognised Training

Study Modes:              Classroom - 6 Day Accelerated Course

Price:                            $1490 - Classroom only for Accelerated option

Duration:                      10 units - classroom

                                          - Monday to Friday:               6 days (consecutive or flexible delivery + 1 Presentation day)

Available approximately once per quarter.

Note - for all TAE Courses: the assessment component for delivery of your presenations is completed on a weekday by appointment. We offer a number of days each month to assist you with flexibility.

The QualificationBecome a Facilitator / Trainer!

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment is designed to formalise the delivery of training and education through a vocational qualification. This certificate reflects the roles of:

  1. Individuals delivering training and assessment services in Vocational Education and Training (VET)
  2. People engaged in the delivery of training and assessment of competency in a workplace

A formal Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in this field will allow you access to the skills, knowledge and competency required to deliver training in your industry. Career pathways for this qualification consistently include delivering workplace training in management, leadership, practical and Safety skills.

Workplace training has become an integral component for government, business and industry sectors, which has opened significant opportunities for people wanting to establish their career as a trainer.

To formalise or begin your career as a trainer, enrol in our Certificate IV in Training and Assessment today!

Accelerated Option - for People with Training Experience

This is a customised intensive 5 day classroom course with 1 additional classroom Presentation day required, to formalise your existing training skills and knowledge. This course evolved from a need, identified from consultation with our students and industry, to acknowledge people with prior knowledge and experience in the world of training.

The units of the qualification are clustered and delivered in the classroom. Assessments and activities are partially completed during class time.

After hours work is required to finalise your presentations, complete the activity workbook and assessment tasks. It is feasible to complete most tasks during the classroom component, with dedication to the after hours components or you can take up to 6 months to lodge the workbook and assessments.

We offer the flexibility to attend the classroom components on Saturdays or over an extended week day time frame. Contact us to discuss your preferences and availability.

There may be a requirement for some students, to complete additional assessments after the course, to meet specific individual needs.

Note: You are required to demonstrate prior Training knowledge and skill. This will be evidenced, by submitting documents for a partial RPL process, prior to your enrolment being formalised.

It is anticipated that you will also have the following existing skill levels:

  • good communication ability
  • ability to use Microsoft Word & PowerPoint
  • language and literacy skill at level 3 or above

If you do not meet the RPL requirements for prior Trainer experience, or do not have the anticipated skill levels above, you may be required to complete additional training.

Course Structure

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment requires the completion of ten (10) units, consisting of seven core units and three electives.


  • TAEASS401B   Plan assessment activities and processes
  • TAEASS402B   Assess competence
  • TAEASS403B   Participate in assessment validation
  • TAEDEL401A   Plan, organise and deliver group-based learning
  • TAEDEL402A   Plan, organise and facilitate learning in the workplace
  • TAEDES401A   Design and develop learning programs
  • TAEDES402A   Use training packages and accredited courses to meet client needs

Elective: (3 required)

  • BSBCMM401     Make a presentation
  • TAEASS301B    Contribute to assessment
  • TAELLN411      Address adult language, literacy & numeracy skills

TAE Comprehensive Course Alternative (8-9 Days)

Note: our standard course  allows you up to 6 months to complete and is an alternative to the accelerated course.

This course caters for people without prior experience in training, but who wish to become a workplace Trainer and Assessor. 

In the classroom, we develop your Training skills for the workplace and trial them using practical exercises. We focus on how to design and deliver a presentation, and to conduct Assessments. This course incorporates training course validation and addressing adult language literacy and numeracy issues.

Your course is structured over 4 sessions ranging from 1-3 days each. (a total 8-9 days of classroom contact). After each session, a break is structured to enable you to absorb and practice the skills and to complete assessment tasks. This involves applying your course skills and knowledge in a workplace or simulated training environment. 

The course is conducted at a steady pace, which helps each student learn these new skills, while allowing time to develop and practice these skills in the workplace. We provide a workbook to guide you through the development phases and offer full support throughout your course, by giving you direct access to our Trainers at all times. This means you can contact us anytime you have a query.

You will have up to twelve (12) months to complete the classroom components and assessments, but you can submit your assessments any time after the classroom component.

We offer flexibility in our scheduling and assist you to achieve your target completion time frame. You can set your pace and work through the material over 12 months or condense the time to a shorter target. 

To successfully complete this course, we anticipate you will have effective language & literacy skills, good communication ability and be capable of using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint computer programs at a basic level.


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