Designing & Delivering an Effective Presentation

Qualification:              Certificate of Attendance

Study Modes:              Classroom

Cost:                             $600    ( + GST )

Duration:                      2 classroom days

The Qualification

This course is designed to develop your knowledge and skills in developing and delivering Presentations.

These skills are widely used in Business and workplaces. Making a presentation or running a Training session can be daunting for many people. Developing strong skillsets in preparing and delivering a presentation or training session will go a long way to overcoming any fears you may have.

This practical course will suit Managers, Supervisors, Trainer / Facilitator's and anyone required to present to a group of people. 

This course covers:Developing and Delivering Presentations

  • How to create a PowerPoint presentation
  • Design, structure and present effectively using visual aids
  • Techniques for engaging and creating a captive audience
  • Learn multiple delivery techniques
  • Learn to maintain confidence, overcome stress and develop your own unique delivery style

Course Structure

Day 1 – Presentation Design & Technique

  • Identify your strengths as a Presenter
  • Learn how to create an effective PowerPoint presentation
  • Deliver a 15 minute presentation (recorded)
  • Observe and identify your delivery technique or style
  • Develop awareness and reflect on essential presentation skills

Day 2 – Developing Presentation Skills

  • Learning to organise your thought process
  • Learn ways to gain and maintain confidence
  • Learn and practice a range of alternative delivery techniques
  • Engaging an inattentive audience
  • Apply new skills to deliver a power point presentation (recorded)
  • Observe your delivery and identify the advantages of effective presentation skills you have learnt


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How to Build a professional Powerpoint Presentation for Facilitators and Trainers

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I was very happy with the course, trainer and lovely people at scorpion. Have a nice week,28 July 2014