CPCCBC4051A Supervise Asbestos Removal

Nationally Accredited Training

Qualification:              Nationally Accredited Unit

Study Modes:              Classroom Only

Cost:                            $490

Duration:                      2 days  

Note: a Combination course including either or both of; Remove Non Friable Asbestos; Remove Friable Asbestos and Supervise Asbestos Removal qualifications, is available - contact us for details and dates.                                                                                                                             

The Qualification

This nationally recognised course will equip you with knowledge and skills that will help you supervise and direct employees in the safe removal of asbestos or where they may be working in an environment that exposes them to Asbestos. Supervisors must also complete the CPCCDE3014A Remove Non-friable Asbestos course as well.Blue Asbestos

This course has become a requirement for some subcontractors to obtain if:

  • You are undertaking works nationally in the Telecommunications Industry
  • You are working on a site that is owned or controlled by the Federal Government
  • working in other states of Australia

Course Structure

This CPCC Course includes training and information on:

  • Legislative requirements and compliance
  • Supervision of staff in the removal of asbestos
  • Identifying types of asbestos
  • Health issues relating to asbestos exposure
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Identifying hazards, controls and safe work methods
  • Planning asbestos removal
  • Processes and tools required for safe asbestos removal
Note: a pre-requiste requirement for this course is to hold the construction White Card. If you do not have this qualification, please arrange to obtain this prior to your asbestos course.

Restricted Asbestos Licence (separate course)

Restricted Asbestos Licence (RAL) is required by law in Western Australia for the removal of materials that contain non-friable asbestos. Holding a current licence allows your company to remove amounts exceeding 10m2 of bonded (non-friable) asbestos.

Contractors working exclusively on Federal Government property and not removing asbestos, may be exempted this licence. Please check your contract terms and with WorkSafe to determine your personal position.

You can complete the RAL course on the same day as the Superviser Course course for an additional $100.

Application for WorkSafe Asbestos Licence

The RAL course is a pre-requisite for your application to Worksafe to receive your Restricted Asbestos Licence for WA. This licence is valid for three years. For more information on this licence, the application, fees and Worksafe requirements, please visit their website  click here.

Note: Worksafe licence applications require an application and licence fee payment in addition to this course.


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CPCCBC4051A Supervise Asbestos Removal

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Thank you for all of your help in attaining these qualifications it was a pleasure dealing with you the RPL Pack you sent me was excellent and easy to follow.

Peter – TAFE Lecturer