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Scorpion Training Solutions: Empowering your future!

Scorpion Training Solutions has operated since 2012. 

We are able to deliver Nationally Recognised Training under the auspices of GEM College of International Business (Australia) Pty Ltd, a Registered Training Organisation (National RTO Code 0366). The GEM College has been an RTO since 1994 – and has been delivering “accredited training” approved by Federal and State Governments since 1992.  The strategic alliance between GEM College and Scorpion Training Solutions brings a wealth of experience, industry knowledge, educational management and training resources to enable Scorpion to support its individual and corporate clients. 

We are passionate about providing you with an exceptional training experience, offering a range of fantastic courses including :

Business courses in Perth,  

Project Management

Leadership Management courses Perth

Work Health & Safety courses.

At Scorpion, our vision is to empower you to achieve your goals through a caring approach that is all about you. The Scorpion Team will work with you to create your personally developed training plan; and GEM College will underpin that through its flexible nationally recognised qualifications – this tri-partite team ensures that you can achieve all you hope and work for!

To start on your pathway to success through training, explore the qualifications we offer below and contact us today. We can’t wait to assist you!

We hear from many frustrated people who enrol in courses with other RTO's, plan and take leave from their workplace, only to have the RTO cancel at the last minute. Scorpion won’t do that, and GEM College won’t do that.  YOU are supported by Scorpion, and underwritten by GEM College.

Our course calendar is rock solid. We run our courses even if we have low numbers, so you can be confident that your course will be on for the dates you select. If due to some unforeseen crisis Scorpion had to cancel a course, you would be able to access the training through GEM College’s Online Campus, and be supported by a tutor, until Scorpion was back in full swing. 

Our company mission is: to be our Client's 1st choice and we do not let people down! 

We also embrace GEM Colleges’ Mission, which is “to assist individuals and corporations towards achieving their highest potential and to help make Australia the safest place in the world to work”… so you can see how our cultures REALLY complement each other, and benefit you!